Welcome To Fierce Instinct Apparel

Fierce Instinct is a company built on the philosophy that ANYONE can be fierce. A company built by a mama of two to encourage all people to remain fierce, break molds and do work. All humans can be fierce - do you want to unleash that fierceness? It's all about trusting your instincts and knowing when to be loud or calm in your fierceness and finding the power in both.

Unleashing the fierceness will cause you to break molds and be authentic. Don't live a mediocre life - do the dang work! Let the outside reflect the inside, if you feel good and confident inside that will radiate outward - affirm yourself in fierceness and do the work everyday. Don't let negative thoughts keep you from doing what you want and know needs to be done. You can tell yourself you're happy billions of times but until you fiercely do the work to be happy it will not radiate. What is the work to you? What do you want to fiercely be?

Our apparel is made as a reminder to remain fierce, unleash the fierce and do the dang work. Made for comfort and style, printed in the USA. All made, shipped and packaged by Katie, the mama of two, a wife and fierce loving woman behind the brand.